Monday, December 14, 2009

BP Photo Shoot NYC Nov 1

Due to challenging weather, the photo shoot locations changed from the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo, to Times Square and Central Park. Since I wanted to shoot the NYC Marathon, this was fine with me. Also the ability to drive in from NJ and park on the city streets simplified everything. I was assigned to the Blue Team, Jim Miotke's group. We had a contest for the day to find and photograph an assortment of things, and we were instructed to travel lightly. This meant no tripod and only one lens. It was great fun and stimulated the photographic juices. It was most interesting to me to see how Jim set up his shots, and how he engaged strangers to make them feel comfortable taking their picture. Taxi was my favorite image of the day. It won a Photo of the Day from Better Photo, a few days later. It was created when Jim had us panning the Times Square traffic. Since I spend a lot of time panning birds, this was relatively easy for me. In addition I learned how important the background is for panning. Fall colors and neon light are ideal.