Thursday, December 17, 2009

Moose Peterson Nov 12-13

Adorama in NYC brought together Moose Peterson, famous wildlife photographer, and Nikon (with loaner lenses) for a day shooting at Jamaica Bay NWR. A distant hurricane which brought us damaging winds changed the location to the Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area of Brooklyn. Thursday night Moose presented an informative slide show at Adorama that was impressive and exciting to watch. We met Friday at 7 AM near City Hall. The guard sent us away from our original location because we were taking too many photos and might be terrorists.

Immediately Moose corrected the way I was holding my camera. How right he was, and I am forever grateful for the feedback. The Chambers Street subway station was our next stop and it was ideal. The ceiling tiles and arches with the play on light and shadow consumed our interest for a couple of hours. Next we set off on the Brooklyn Bridge. Due to the gray sky, Moose suggested we think in black and white. He said to shoot in color and then consider using Nik Silver Efex Pro to convert to B&W. This was also transforming for me, and has given me a much better understanding of how effective B&W can be.

In the middle of the Bridge the wind was particularly strong. I had been wearing a knit hat and felt the need for more protection. Up went the hood on my black coat, and out came the red scarf. Moose noticed the transformation and asked to photograph me. I said yes (and signed away all permissions)because his photo is amazing. Follow the link to his blog, and go down to the bottom of the page to find me. Take at good look along the way at his extraordinary images. He used the soft light to do some incredible close-up work on the wonderful architecture and graffiti. Unfortunately Moose lost his hat in the process, since the wind blew it beyond retrieval.

The DUMBO section of Brooklyn is old, exciting, historic, and somewhat gentrified. How great to cross the bridge on a cold and windy day and then find Starbucks. The streets were exciting and the two small parks under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges provided more photo opportunities. I have to go back in better weather and catch a sunset. Lenses borrowed were Nikkor 85 f/2 at Chambers Street, Nikkor 24-70 Brooklyn Bridge, and Nikkor 14-24 DUMBO. All lenses are outstanding. My kudos go to Nikon.

Use the above link to go to Moose's blog as indicated, and start exploring his archives and short movie lessons. I check it out every day for information and inspiration.